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  • I live in Je vis aux États-Unis (USA)
  • I was born on July 5
  • My occupation is Je suis quelqu'un qui lit et joue du piano ( I read and play piano)
  • I am une fille (Female)
  • Bio Hi, I’m Jules. I love to read and write. I also play piano and enjoy reading lots of books!

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Welcome to my profile

I hope you enjoy your time here, if you want to chat, you can leave me a message on my message wall.

Hi, my name is Jules. I go to school, talk to friends, read a lot of books, take care of my cats, and volunteer on my free time. I try to be optimistic about things and I am an introvert. I am vegetarian and I care about and love all animals that come my way. My favorite subject in school is French, Math, and English. I play piano and my favorite composer is Ludovico Einaudi. His music almost moves me to tears, and watching him in concert was the best birthday gift. I am a Cancer, I was born in July. I love writing about life. I try to be an environmentalist as much as possible, and I really do care about the environment and how messed up the world is because of what we have done to it. 

My Favorite Books

1. Lodestar

2. Flashback

3. Neverseen

4. The Lux series

5. Divergent

6. Every last word

7. Letters to the Lost

8. Between Shades of Grey(Ashes in the snow)

9. Pegasus series

10. Storm and Fury

11. If there’s no tomorrow

12. Paper towns

13. Words in deep blue

14. Eleanor and Park

15. Fangirl

16. Everything, Everything

17. Five feet apart

18. Harry potter

19. Percy Jackson

20. Magnus Chase

21. Hunger Games

22. If I stay

23. Where she went

24. The unexpected everything

25. See all the stars

26. Calculus of Change

27. The Last time we say goodbye

28. Tell me three things

29. When we collided

30. I’ll give you the sun

31. Girl out of Water

32. The Hate you Give

33. On the Come up

34. The Sky is Everywhere

35.A Wrinkle in Time

36. Bridge to Terabithia

37. Stargirl

38. The Selection series

39. All the Bright Places

40. The Truth about Forever

41. Things we know by heart

42. The Secret History of US

43. What to say next

44. The Darkest Star

45. The Summer I Turned Pretty

46. My Heart and other Blackholes

47. Our Chemical Hearts

48. Extraordinary Means

49. My Heart and Other Black Holes

My Favorite Hobbies/ Things I do

1. I love to read on a comfy chair with a cat curled up next to me.

2. I love exploring libraries to find books.

3. I love learning new things, and also making connections

4. I want to make Earth a better place. I want to do more about the Climate Change that is destroying our planet.

5. On my free time, I write letters to my pen pals.

6. I love reading poetry and quotes.

7. I love making friendship bracelets.

8. If you have a book recommendation, I would love to take it.

9. I love to talk about books and how they inspire us to be a better person. I love how all series end with a cliff hanger 
and then you’re yearning for the next book of the series. When authors write so descriptive it is almost like you entered a new fantasy world where you are going where the protagonists are going, and you are figuring out the true meanings of life. 

10. I dance Argentine Tango every weekend.

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